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Awls and Hafts

Sewing Awl Haft OS 145

OS 145
Sewing Awl Haft

Palm Awl Haft OS 142

OS 142
Palm Awl Haft

Shoe Awl Haft OS 144

OS 144
Shoe Awl Haft

Peg Awl Haft OS 143

OS 143
Peg Awl Haft

Stabbing Awl Round Point OS 32

OS 32
Stabbing Awl Round Point

Curved Sewing Aw OS 31 l

OS 31
Curved Sewing Awl

Leather Awl OS 43 - 52

OS 43 - 52
Leather Awl

Stitching Awl OS 54 - 59

OS 54 - 59
Stitching Awl

Regulator OS 520

OS 520

Scratch Awl OS 478

OS 478
Scratch Awl

All Purpose Awl OS 18

OS 18
All Purpose Awl

Automatic Awl OS 413

OS 413
Automatic Awl

Heavy Duty Scratch Awl OS 4

OS 4
Heavy Duty Scratch Awl

Arch and Hollow Punches

Arch Punch Set OS K-14

OS K-14
Arch Punch Set

Arch Punch Set OS K-16

OS K-16
Arch Punch Set

Arch Punch Set and Tools OS K-17

OS K-17
Arch Punch Set & Tools

Belt Punch Set OS K-245

OS K-245
Belt Punch Set

Cutting Pad OS 603

OS 603
Cutting Pad

Mini Punch Set OS K-157

OS K-157
Mini Punch Set

Self Centering Punch Set OS K-159

OS K-159
Self Centering Punch Set

Self Centering Punch Set OS K-156

OS K-156
Self Centering Punch Set

Oblong Punhc OS 400

OS 400
Oblong Punhc

Spring Punch OS 153

OS 153
Spring Punch

Revolving Punch OS 155

OS 155
Revolving Punch

Revolving Punch OS 223

OS 223
Revolving Punch

Arch Punch OS 149

OS 149
Arch Punch

Drive Punch OS 147

OS 147
Drive Punch

Oval Drive Punch OS 158

OS 158
Oval Drive Punch

Belt Punch OS 245

OS 245
Belt Punch

Bearing Scrapper

Half Round OS 37

OS 37
Half Round

Special Carved OS 1140

OS 1140
Special Carved

Machinists Scraper Set OS MT 31

OS MT 31
Machinists Scraper Set

Bearing Scraper Set OS MT 2

Bearing Scraper Set

Carbide Tipped OS 389

OS 389
Carbide Tipped

Three Cornered OS 29

OS 29
Three Cornered

Three Cornered OS 242

OS 242
Three Cornered

Cotter Pin Extractor OS 26

OS 26
Cotter Pin Extractor

Block OS 895-SS

OS 895-SS

Three Square OS 34

OS 34
Three Square

Bibb Seat Dressers

Bibb Seat Dressers OS 500-WJ

OS 500-WJ
Bibb Seat Dressers

Diagonal Cutting Nippers OS 91

OS 91
Diagonal Cutting Nippers

Diagonal Cutting Nippers OS 3377

OS 3377
Diagonal Cutting Nippers

Gooseneck Webbing Stretcher OS 253 1

OS 253
Gooseneck Webbing Stretcher